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Alpinestars Nucleon Kr-2I Back Insert

The NUCLEON KR-2i soft back protector is quick and convenient to insert and fit unobtrusively within a rider's jacket or suit for the ultimate in comfort and safety protection.CONSTRUCTION• Perforated for breathability and comfort• Channel ventilation system for optimized airflow• Dimensions: SMA...
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Flxion Hip Protector

With stylish gear that is abrasion resistant, internal protectors have been the one priority of DSG across all our riding gear.  The FLEXION concept changes everything with its revolutionary honeycomb architecture which effectively absorbs force on impact and dissipates energy evenly throughout i...
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Nucleon Flex Pro Ci Chest Insert Anthracite

The Nucleon Flex Pro Ci features an easy-to-use, unisex, divided CE-certified Level 2 chest protector. Highly ventilated and very lightweight, the ergonomically designed protectors are excellent for everyday riding.CONSTRUCTION• The Nucleon KR-Ci is a high performance, super lightweight track and...
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Nucleon Kr-1 Celli Back Prot Transparent Smoke Red

The extremely lightweight Nucleon KR-1 CELLi features an articulated back shell plate for flexibility and riding fit, plus an advanced micro-structure cell design for efficient impact energy absorption and high levels of airflow.CONSTRUCTION• The super lightweight back protector insert is develop...
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Sx-1 Knee Guard Black Anthracite

A lightweight CE certified knee protector constructed from a performance polymer blend, the SX-1 features an asymmetrical and slim-profile design for a safe, personalized and tight fit while at the same time promoting excellent levels of movement. CONSTRUCTION • Upper and lower frames are constru...
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Bionic Plus Knee Protector Black

Ergonomically profiled for an optimized youth fit and with level 1 CE certified protection securely held in position via a dual strap closure system, the Bionic Plus Knee Protector incorporates 3D mesh and vented panels to prevent the build-up of heat. With an asymmetric and lightweight design pl...
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Bionic Action Jacket Dark Grey Ash Grey Yellow

Incorporating new, innovative outer shell grid technology that is extremely lightweight and ventilated, the Bionic Action Jacket is ideal for the physical demands of motocross. With CE certified protection and an engineered ergonomic design this versatile jacket is constructed from a durable elas...
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Bioflex Hip Protector Black

A lightweight slim protector which has been designed to offer high levels of protection while being discreet enough to be unnoticeable off the bike. Cell structure ensures maximum airflow, with an adaptive shape for excellent comfort, on and off the bike.CONSTRUCTION• Cell structure ensures maxim...
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Nucleon Kr-Cell Cis Transparent Smoke Red

An ergonomic insert optimized for performance riding, the lightweight Nucleon KR-Cell CiS Protector incorporates an advanced micro-structure cell design for efficient impact energy absorption and high levels of airflow. The Nucleon KR-CiS is a high performance, super lightweight track and race ch...
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Nucleon Flex Pro Shoulder & Elbow Prot Set Of 4

Incorporating innovative Nucleon Flex Pro technology that is lightweight and ventilated, the Nucleon Flex family of protectors is ergonomically engineered for comfort, convenience, performance and protection. CONSTRUCTION • Ergonomic design provides high levels of movement. • Open design structur...
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